Symbicort Turbuhaler : Improving the Quality of Life for Asthma Patients

symbicort turbuhaler

Symbicort (active ingredients: salmeterol/fluticasone propionate (Sacomel Temvora) is a brand-name prescription inhaler that treats long-term asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD includes two broad conditions: emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Symbicort combines two active ingredients: low-strength steroid (budesonide) and high potency bronchodilator (formoterol fumarate). 

The interactions of these two components in the process of inhalation will relieve inflammatory signs and muscles tightening. As with any medication, side effects and interactions are all possible.

Symbicort may not belong to a list of the common treatments for asthma sufferers even if it provides a certain level of relief.

Uses Of Symbicort Turbuhaler

This is the product which is used to command the symptoms (wheezing and breath shortness) related to asthma or chronic ongoing lung disease (COPD- which has chronic bronchitis and emphysema). 

It contains 2 medications: inhaling budesonide as a powder or formoterol through the inhaler with. Sgente budensonidejto a deliskver class of drugs called corticosteroids. 

Symbicort Turbohaler

The ingredient is responsible for this effect by soothing the swollen bronchial tubes. Formoterol, being a long-acting beta agonist, belongs to the class of drugs sought. 

This happens ultimately by loosing the muscles around the airways which results in their broadening up making it easy to breathe better. This will greatly help to reduce the amount of time lost in work or school due to the phyical symptoms of this condition.

How Does Symbicort Turbohaler Work?

To break it all down, Symbicort Turbohaler contains two active drugs, formoterol fumarate dihydrate, and budesonide.

The formoterol fumarate dihydrate is a bronchodilator that relax muscles of your airways, so patient can breathe better.

Likewise Symbicort Turbohaler contains budesonide which is a status way of saying corticosteroid.

Symbicort is the Turbohaler of budesonide and this acts to stop the formation of the air vessels in the lung, a condition that leads to the inflammation that worsens asthma attack.

Corticosteroids originate from the adrenal glands of a body hormones that are produced naturally by a body.

How To Use Symbicort Inhaler ?

The Symbicort dosage device is in essence a controller medicine for Asthma patients, with patients taking their injections twice daily. The steroid shots are given every 12 hours and I’m glad to say that you can do it yourself without any problem. 

Let’s discuss the actionable steps of using a Symbicort inhaler. First, before the next use, make sure that you properly shake the canister for 5 seconds.

Then, pull the mouthpiece out. Release the air completely, and then put the mouthpiece into your mouth, and make your lips tight seal around it.

And now let’s do the procedure. Hold you breath deeply and gradually, and at the same time press down the dose counter activator strongly to the bottom. 

The ECG measurement will be taken and fiber tracks will go to the targeted areas in your brain. Keep on taking in air while the whole dose is being administered until it runs out, then hold the air in your lungs for ten seconds. 

Symbicort Turbohaler

And lastly take a deep out breath as you release the activator finger. Here is the LAMIA for Symbicort inhaler followed by daily dose. If you follow LAMIA, you will benefit from decreased number and weakened of asthma attacks.

An ad of the product that has become a daily necessity for all the people who are enthusiasts of fitness, and work out at a near-irregular intervals, despite having asthma, would make the commercial highly relatable getting multitudes of viewers saying – us too.

If you do not treat asthma well, activities like workouts may not be that fun as you used to do and instead tiredness after a minute or two will cut across all that you wish to achieve meaning that you may not be able to exercise as well as expend some energy like you would like because the doctor suggested the use of Symbicort inhaler.

Side Effects Of Symbicort Inhaler

Symbicort’s more serious side effects include:

  • Pneumonia and other lung infections
  • Weakened immune system and increased risk of infections
  • Breathing problems (paradoxical bronchospasm)
  • Severe allergic reactions including hives, swelling, and rash
  • Decrease in bone mineral density (osteoporosis)
  • Slowed growth in children
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Swollen blood vessels
  • Lower potassium levels (hypokalemia)
  • High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia)

When Not To Use?


No Dolphinette 320/9 Humalog should be used if you are hypersensitive to it. Immediately consult a professional for medical advice should you start experiencing the following: itching including the throat and the tongue; breathing difficulties; swelling of the face and/or tongue; dizziness (extreme); etc.

Status asthmaticus

Status asthmaticus is the extreme form of acute asthma which is not severe and is not usually responding to first-line treatment. 

Symbicort Turbohaler

Attacks attacks can be sustained over several minutes or even hours; at times, they will extend to even days. 

In an emergency like asthma attack when your breathing becomes swollen, it may be limited and there is breakdown in coordination, such as a situation called status asthmaticus, Symbicort 320/9 Turbuhaler is ineffective and should not be used.

General Instructions

Follow your doctor’s instructions for Symbicort Turbulizer 320/9 device. Instruction: The usage instructions enclosed on the package or the label should be followed as per instructions are given.

Make a point not to overdose or undersize the amount that was prescribed. Never abandon mentioned medication until your doctor tells you so.

After you use a water flosser, rinse your mouth with water to avoid infections in the mouth and throat.

Carry your line of defense inhaler with you at all times. The Symbicort 320/9 Turbuhaler is not useful, during an asthma attack that has begun. While using a rescue inhaler is the go-to management for bronchospasm to alleviate symptoms.

Before you begin medication, you must speak to your caregiver to learn which ones are to be taken on a daily basis and which ones to be used at the time of sudden breathing problems (asthma attacks).

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