Istamet 50 1000 Mg: Benefits, Dosages | Complete Guide

Istamet 50 1000 Mg

Istamet 50mg/1000mg tablet is a combined medication which comprises two substances and thus helping patients with type 2 diabetes to keep their sugar levels in the right range.

It prevents serious complications like kidney failure and blindness, even tells you off the risks of people who get heart attacks or strokes.

In met 50mg/1000mg tablets, diabetic patients can take met alone or with other medicines providing additional stem Type 2 diabetes. The best method is usually when it is included with the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise in the routine of the individual.

The medication duly prescribed for you will be based on the condition of your health, your blood-sugar level and other medicines your doctor is using on you. It is recommended to take it in combination to reduce the risk of the person getting an upset stomach.

Benefits Of Istamet Tablet

Istamet tablet is very effective by the way that excess glucose can be dismissed from the body through urine. The insulin level lowering is the crucial one for diabetics.

If you put in the effort to stabilize your blood sugar, chances are that you will be less prone to some major complications like diabetic consequences and kidney damage, eye problems and nerve issues that lead to limb loss.

When examining Type 2 diabetes patients who have also already developed CVD from a preventative perspective, this drug lowers the rate at which they die from CVD.

Istamet 50 1000 Mg

Theicing on the cake for a healthy lifestyle is the daily Istamet pill habit, coupled with a balanced eating plan and exercise. Your health is going to be secured when you will continue doing it and stop using it once your doctor orders.


This product comprises 2 active substances, Sitagliptin 50 mg, & Metformin 1000 mg. Medicine is usually available in other similar options and which is all the chief online pharmacy as well as drug stores.

Before You Use Istamet 50 Mg/ 1000 Mg Tablet :

Make certain that:

  • This medicament is not effective for at you Sitagliptin& Metformin.
  • A severe illness is not your issue at this point.
  • The physician involved in you should be well-versed with your medical history; i.e., your pre-existing diseases, both the surgeries you come across and the medications you have taken or even the supplements, food habits, and lifestyle (especially the last one).
  • How Istamet 50 Mg/ 1000 Mg Tablet Work ?

Istamet 50 1000 Mg, belongs to the group of antidiabetic drugs. It incorporates metformin and pioglitazone with two of them being medicines. Metformin does so by reducing the amount of insulin the body needs to process glucose.

That is, the body becomes more responsive or sensitive to insulin. It facilitates other body cells to treat this high glucose level as a source of energy and allows them to break down and use it. Also, it inhibits glucose production and uptake by the liver above all.

Teneligliptin prevents rise in blood sugar levels by preventing the action of an enzyme named DPP-4 which stops secretion of insulin in the body, thus it is having high efficiency in treatment.

How To Use ?

Istamet 50mg/1000mg Tab is to be taken with food or at an empty stomach. Follow the dose and duration precisely as recommended by your doctor. It is better suited to do this at very particular time of day. An crucial aspect is that this medication should not be taken over the recommended amount.

Gulp the tablet with water without arithmetic division, that is soon after you take the tablet out of the strip. Do not attempt / do not do / (Do not) do not try to take/break up/swallow it.

Try to perform tries or forgetting the dose. You can also to reserve the requirement to take the medicine straightaway; however, you can consider this as the better option, particularly if you already have missed more than an hour.

Istamet 50 1000 Mg

It is not good for your health to take two diamox tab at one time. This is why it is recommended to wait for at least several hours between each dose of this tab.

Do remember that this is just one trip down the road — you still need to come back here for another several weeks — even if you are certain that it doesn’t work at all for you. Do as you have been told by your doctor and continue taking your medicine until your doctor tells you it is safe to stop.

Only ought to be taken by the person whose doctor recommended them, which should always be a qualified physician.


its composition of the active principles of Istamet 50mg/1000mg Tab is the combination of Sitagliptin 50 MG + Metformin 1000 MG.

Mechanism Being Of Action Of Drugs

Dyskinesis 50mg/1000mg Tab works through its primary action, which is lowering the glucose production in the liver. This is achieved by the increased sensitivity of the body to insulin action as well as delayed intestines glucose absorption.

Hence, this tab plays both the functions through the release of insulin from the pancreas and through reduction of the hormones that rise the blood sugar.

When Not To Use Istamet 50 Mg/ 1000 Mg Tablet ?

  • Have liver problems
  • Have kidney problems
  • Have Hypoglycemia
  • Have Metabolic Acidosis
  • Have stress problem
  • Have diarrhea
  • Have Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Have Bullous pemphigoid
  • Have Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • just like me because i also have type 1 D.M.
  • Are pregnant
  • Have infections
  • Are breastfeeding


Istamet 50 mg/ 1000 mg Tablet releases two active compounds, Sitagliptin & Metformin, and this drug is used in averting type 2 diabetes mellitus.

These drugs generically sell in discreet dosages and have to be purchased or taken on one’s doctor’s prescription only.

Properness of the medication and this has to be discussed with your medical specialists for sake of adjusting the time and dose of the drug since with old people and in case of the severity of the disease, people differ from each other and from these thing can be rightly be assessed only by the medical personnel.

While adults are advised to take Istamet 50 mg/ 1000 mg Tablet at a fixed time with food as instructed by their doctors, the timing and dose must be determined based on their specific health condition and need.

Istamet 50 1000 Mg


The dose mentioned in the Istatam 50 mg/ 10 mg Tab is a dose set by your doctor so you should take it accordingly. Take this prescription for over the duration asked by the doctor, not more than that.


Shelve the tablets of Istamet 50 mg (provided in 1000 if packaged) at room temperature, preferably in a dark & dry place To avoid buying & maintaining the tablet which is not functional, it is important to ensure that the Tablet is complete & not broken.


The instructon to a patient with Istamet tablet is that he should not drink any alcohol. This stool has in most cases a favorable reaction during pregnancy.

There are no known short term potential harmful effects of all such studies in animal research but experiments in the human body is limited. It is likely that Istamet tabs can be used by a nursing mother without any toxic effects to the nursing infant. From data gathered from human testing, the drug is met with no material harm to the developing embryo.

Your capability to drive may be hampered if your blood sugar is extra low or quite higher. Incase you experience any of these, utter laying off your driving should go-ahead.

For the patients with kidney problems Istamet tab may be only prescribed with strict caution. Dose of treatment may be altered. Please seek medical advice.

Use Istamet tablet for the treatment of the patients having moderate kidney disease, while the Istamet tablet is not appropriate for the ones with the severe kidney disease.

After prescriptions, be sure that your kidney function is checked out on regular basis. Patients with liver disease are advised considering the tablet, so they should use the tablet carefully.

Instamet tablet dosage might I need to be adjusted.

Please seek medical advice. In patients suffering from an early stage liver disease, Istamet pill dosing begins at a lower dose, whereas in patients with advanced liver disease, it is not recommended.


What is Istamet 50/1000 mg used for?

Istamet 50/1000 mg is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It contains sitagliptin and metformin, which help control blood sugar levels.

What are the benefits of taking Istamet?

Istamet helps lower blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of complications from diabetes, and may aid in weight loss.

What is Sita Met 50/1000 mg used for?

Sita Met 50/1000 mg is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It contains sitagliptin and metformin, which help control blood sugar levels.

When is the best time to take Istamet?

Istamet is usually taken with meals to reduce the risk of stomach upset. Follow your doctor’s instructions for the best results.

Is Istamet safe for kidneys?

Istamet should be used with caution in patients with kidney problems. Consult your doctor for personalized advice.

What are the side effects of Istamet?

Common side effects of Istamet include stomach upset, diarrhea, and headache. Serious side effects are rare but can occur.

Is sitagliptin bad for kidneys?

Sitagliptin is generally safe for kidneys, but it should be used cautiously in patients with kidney disease. Consult your doctor for advice.

Does Istamet cause weight gain?

Weight gain is not a common side effect of Istamet. In fact, some people may experience weight loss with this medication.

Is sitagliptin safe for the heart?

Sitagliptin is generally safe for the heart, but patients with a history of heart problems should use it with caution. Consult your doctor for advice.

What is the other name for Istamet?

Istamet is also known by its generic name, which is sitagliptin/metformin.

What is the difference between Glycomet and Istamet?

Glycomet contains only metformin, while Istamet contains both sitagliptin and metformin. Istamet is used for better blood sugar control.

When is the best time to take sitagliptin 50 mg?

Sitagliptin is usually taken once daily with or without food. Follow your doctor’s instructions for the best results.

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