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Glycolate 1 Mg : Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, How It Works | Full Guide


What Is Glycolate 1 Mg ? Glycolate-1, although listed under the name ‘anticholinergic’ has its prime indications for the treatment of peptic ulcers in both adults and children above 12 years. It also controls excessive drooling, which is a syndrome of some diseases, such as cerebral palsy in children three to sixteen years old. Peptic ulcers […]

What Is The Use Of Domperidone Vomistop10 Mg Tablet?

domperidone vomistop

What Is Vomistop 10 Mg Tablet? Vomistop 10 mg Tablet is a drug that is dosed when prescribed by a doctor to combat a range of causes including chemotherapy, surgery, and digestive disorders among others. This one has domperidone which is a dopamine blocker that acts on the brain to counteract dopamine effect and prevent the […]