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Hcg Injection is use in combination with other fertility drugs to increase a woman’s chance of pregnancy. In men or adolescent boys, HCG helps the production of testosterone and sperm.
HCG is also used in male children with cryptorchidism, a specific birth problem of the testes.
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or Hcg Injection, can be use to treat infertility and boost your chances of getting pregnant as part of an assist reproductive technology (ART) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.
After receiving an injection of human chorionic gonadotropin, ovulation can occur between 24-48 hours, with the average time being within 36 hours. Ovulating as early as 24 hours is less likely, however, it can happen and couples should be prepare.
For women, Hcg Injection is give as an injection to stimulate ovulation during an ART protocol.
This is commonly know as a trigger shot because it triggers ovulation about 36 hours laterHCG helps eggs mature, making them ready for fertilization.

The injections typically begin on day 3 of your cycle and should occur at approximately the same time every day, usually between 6 pm and 10 pm.
You take injections for about 10-12 days or until you are close to ovulation. You or your partner will be administering the injections at home.